Technical Assistance to the Angkor Conservation Office


Renovation activities in Angkor
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Within the framework of the assistance provided to the Cambodian authorities in the field of preservation of the site of Angkor, the aim of this project was to strengthen the Angkor Conservation Office (ACO), which is in charge of maintenance and conservation of the Angkor monuments.


As the first step towards this purpose, UNESCO, under the Japanese Trust Fund, initiated the rénovation of Building No. 27, called "Groslier's House" and Building No. 25 used for the central administrative services. Implementation of the project was initially hampered by the serious degradation in the security situation in Siem Reap during 1993. The renovated buildings are now being used fully by the Angkor Conservation Office and the APSARA authority. The International Documentation Centre installed in the Building No. 27 has been equipped with the aid of funds from UNESCO.


As the next step, the three artefacts storeroom buildings (No. 3-4-5) were renovated and security measures were considerably strengthened through construction of a security wall, several new gates and the installation of new railings. A laboratory for the study and conservation of stonework was also installed in the renovated Building No. 3, thanks to the

German conservation project.


The renovation works were carried out in coordination with the inventory work of the artefacts undertaken by EFEO, within the UNESCO/French Funds-in-Trust project. Building No. 12 was also rehabilitated as the stone engineering workshop, with a stone cutting machine provided by JSA for training purposes.

(Extract from "Preservation of Cultural Heritage through the UNESCO/Japanese Trust Fund" p.9, UNESCO, 1998)


Angkor is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


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