28 march 2006: Japan gives assistance to Chechenya through a UNESCO project for the rehabilitation of school children.


Japan has decided to provide assistance to the Russian Federation for Chechnya for the project “Capacity building for integrated psychological, pedagogical and medico-social rehabilitation of school children and educational personnel”. This project is to be implemented jointly by UNESCO and WHO with funding drawn from Japan’s “Trust Fund for Human Security”, which is administered by the UN.


1. On 28 March, the Government of Japan and the United Nations (UN) decided to extend assistance totalling 977,874 US dollars (approximately 104.63 million yen), through the Trust Fund for Human Security to the project entitled “Capacity building for integrated psychological, pedagogical and medico-social rehabilitation of school children and educational personnel” that will be implemented in the Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation, by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


2. Since the outbreak of the conflict in 1999, few children in Chechnya have been able to attend school, and a large number of teachers and health workers have quit their profession or have actually fled the region. This project aims at supporting the restoration of the physical and mental well-being of selected school-aged children and teaching staff in order to reintegrate them in the formal education system. The following activities will be implemented:


Enhancing the capacity of the Psycho-Pedagogical and Medico Social (PPMS) Centre to operate psychological rehabilitation programmes;


Selecting 10 model schools where psycho- and socio-pedagogical training methods will be introduced to teachers;


Increasing capacity of local specialists to deliver counseling to school-aged mine victims and other children with disabilities;


Equipping the PPMS Centre and 3 of the 10 model schools with relevant literature and training material.


3. This project is expected to improve physical and mental well-being of school-aged children, their parents and teachers in the Chechen Republic.





The Trust Fund for Human Security was established in the United Nations Secretariat in March 1999 at the initiative of the Government of Japan. Since then, total contributions have reached approximately 31.5 billion yen (US$ 279.7 million). The Trust Fund has supported projects from more than 140 UN agencies, each one addressing various threats to human life, livelihood and dignity, from the perspective of human security.



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