ODA logo9 February 2006: Additional Assistance to Emergency Grant Aid to Pakistan through International Organizations for Large-Scale Earthquake Disaster


Following the United Nations' Flash appeal, the Government of Japan has announced an additional assistance of 20 million dollars to Pakistan to support its relief activities for the victims of the South Asia earthquake on 8 October.


The assistance will be provided through international organizations, and 1.3 million dollars will be disbursed for UNESCO in order to finance a project of reactivation and stabilisation of the school system in the affected areas.


This project is composed of the following activities:


Training and reorientation of teachers: teachers are trained to cope with their own stress, in basics of psychological needs of children, their peers and in techniques of teaching in temporary facilities with multi-grade classes


Re-establishment of secondary, technical and vocational education: work with educational authorities in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and AJK to re-establish middle, high, higher secondary and technical/vocational schools, including the teaching of skilled trades (masonry, carpentry) linked to the upcoming reconstruction.

Management training of 400 district education officers and other local officials to reactivate manage and monitor local education systems. Training sessions are designed to fit the professional needs of every person concerned. Example of contents:

Peer psychological support

Basic educational planning and management in post-disaster reconstruction settings

Managing school-building reconstruction; of education of children with special needs; relations with the private sector

Managing educational projects

Planning and monitoring the restart of secondary, vocational and technical education


Personnel; advisory services and partnership arrangements


Logistical assistance


Approximately 60,000 children, 600 teachers and 100 schools in the most affected districts will benefit from this project.


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA): Additional Assistance to Emergency Grant Aid to Pakistan through International Organisations (Press release, 9 February 2006)


More information on Japan's assistance measures after the Disaster caused by the Earthquake in Pakistan


Japan's Official Development Assitance (ODA)



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