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The Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) is a non-profit-making organization created in 1971 thanks to Japanese public and private funds. It dedicates itself to cultural and educational programmes in line with UNESCO's objectives and ideals, with a view to furthering cultural exchanges and brotherhood between the peoples of the region. 43 countries from Central Asia, Far East and Pacific, all Members of UNESCO, take part in ACCU's activities.


ACCU's cooperation activities are carried out on an equal footing with the countries concerned: projects are planned and implemented in cooperation with experts from each country and the respective National Commissions for UNESCO.


A good example of the educational activities carried out by ACCU is the implementation of international exchange programmes for students, teachers and experts in collaboration with educational and cultural institutions. These exchange programmes are supported by UNESCO, the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and the United Nations University (UNU).


In the field of culture, ACCU provides a valuable technical support within the framework of numerous projects aiming at the preservation of the World Cultural Heritage.



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Asia/ Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)


ACCU's Literacy Database focused on Asia and Pacific.



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