Monuments of Paharpur Vihara, Bangladesh


Monuments of Paharpur Vihara, Bangladesh
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National implementing agency: Department of Archaeology and Museums
Project duration: 1992-1997
Total project cost: US$ 267,600


"The remains of Paharpur are one of the most well known Buddhist monasteries in southern Asia. The colossal cruciform structure of baked brick, with a vast central courtyard bounded by 177 monastic cells, containing many votive stupas and shrines, was dominated by the lofty temple in its centre. The terracotta plaques ornamenting its basement walls are particularly outstanding.


Over the last fifty years, this monument has deteriorated to a great extent, due to the general level of the surrounding area which has risen considerably. During the rainy season, the excavated area becomes a pond, completely submerging the lower parts of the basement wall together with their incomparable stone and terracotta reliefs, causing damage by the action of salts and harmful vegetation growth, while water rising by capillary action affects the upper parts.


UNESCO's project included the preparation of detailed plans with costs estimates, an equipment list and staff requirements for the improvement of the laboratory and detailed plans for the restoration and presentation of Paharpur Vihara. Experimental conservation work was successfully carried out on the brick and terracotta structures and the installation of the drainage system was completed."


(Extract from "Preservation of Cultural Heritage through the UNESCO/Japanese Trust Fund" p.19)


The Buddhist remains of Paharpur Vihara are inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.





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