21 May 2024: “Interculturality from the Standpoint of Ambassadors” Webinar

Ambassador KANO during the webinar
Ambassador Takehiro Kano made a presentation at a webinar “Interculturality from the Standpoint of Ambassadors” which is organized by Federation for European Education (FEDE) on the occasion of World Day for Cultural Diversity on Tuesday 21 May.

23 ambassadors from UNESCO and the Council of Europe introduced intercultural exchange and cultural diversity initiatives in their countries and expressed their views on their importance.

Ambassador Takehiro Kano introduced Japan’s support for the protection of World Heritage and intangible cultural heritage in various districts of the world, activities to promote the implementation of ESD and the UNESCO Global Convention on Higher Education, and examples of international cooperation in disaster risk reduction and marine science, in order to create a society that is broadly inclusive of diversity.

As an important partner of UNESCO, the Permanent Delegation of Japan to UNESCO will continue to play a role in respecting diversity and promoting active exchange and dialogue between different cultures.