Training for the National Capacity-Building for the Conservation of Cultural Monuments in Cambodia


Formation pour la conservation des monuments historiques
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"Training of national specialists in relevant fields is a key factor in ensuring the durability of activities undertaken for the preservation of the cultural heritage.


Assistance began in 1993, when the main component of the project was the fielding of visits by professors to the Department of Archaeology, Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, to carry out courses and field training.


From the academic year 1995-1996, assistance has also been extended to the Department of Architecture and Urbanism.


During the academic year 1996-1997 cooperation was developped with the Toyota Foundation and the Japan Foundation Asia Centre in order to carry out recruitment, monotoring and evaluation. Assistance was also extended to capacity-building of teaching assistants and administrative staff.


During the academic year 1996-1998 the project was further promoted at a local level, with 25 Cambodians being employed among the 13 lecturers and 17 teaching assistants.


At the beggining of 1999, a three-year agreement (1998/1999 - 2000/2001) was signed. This agreement, later extended for a further year, enabled grater coherence to be given to the project over the long term, making significant improvements to the curriculum as well as to the adminstration of both faculties. Among the most important innovations were changes in the recruitment procedure for national and international professors, in order to enhance cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia.


The assistance provided has considerably improved the academic standards and pegagogical skills of the local teaching staff, as well as the capacity of administrative staff at the University. The improvement of the University's facilities, such as the renovation of the library of the South Campus with joint funding from Britain, has also contributed greatly to improving the academinc environment."


(Extract from "Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage through the UNESCO/Japanese Funds-in-Trust" p.10)




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