5 September 2006: Japan finances the project "Safeguard the Biological and Cultural Diversity of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the Republic of Palau "



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This transectoral project, which is financed under the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for the Capacity-building of Human Resources, is meant to support UNESCO's main development objectives in Pacific small island developing states: biological diversity, the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, and the Education for All programme (EFA) as well as sustainable development.


This project will start in October 2006 (duration: thirty-eight-months).



Context and objectives of the project:


In the Solomon Islands , Vanuatu and the Republic of Palau , human well-being and sustainable development are reliant upon maintaining strong ties between biological and cultural diversities. This fragile balance is threatened by the social and environmental changes that are transforming the pacific, but indigenous knowledge and know-how can offer an creative response to the growing vulnerability of the local environment.


This project aims at building capacities to mobilize indigenous knowledge for biodiversity conservation and to elaborate locally relevant pedagogical material and methods while ensuring the long-term safeguarding of the said knowledge.


Activities foreseen:


-Training of local partners in rigorous indigenous knowledge recording


-Compilation and record of indigenous knowledge


-Development of user-friendly database of indigenous knowledge


-Development of illustrated pedagogical materials and methods in vernacular language


-Training of teachers in revised methods, manuals and approaches with respect to indigenous knowledge


60 teachers will be trained, 30 in-service teachers re-trained, and 9 teacher-trainers re-oriented using new pedagogical materials based upon indigenous knowledge. 20 local counterparts, including fisheries officers and indigenous fieldworkers, will be trained in data collection techniques and 60 local knowledge holders will have their knowledge and know-how recorded. 250 students will also benefit from the project.






UNESCO's action for Sustainable Development


Learn more on Japan 's action for environment and sustainable development in the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan



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