Japan's Funds-in-Trust for the Capacity-building of Human Resources



This Fund was created in 2000 by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of its Official Development Assistance programme, with a view to supporting the capacity-building of personnel in developing countries. The total contribution from the Fund since its creation amounts to US$ 52 million.


It mainly finances training and other technical assistance projects to enable recipient countries to build and improve the capacity of essential professional staff. All projects financed by this Fund are aligned with programmes and missions of UNESCO, such as education (particularly Education for All), the fight agaist AIDS, communication and information, culture of peace and water sciences.


Some exemples are:




Preventive education agaist AIDS : EDUCAIDS


DJIBOUTI : Project "Technical and Vocational Education"


SAINT-VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES : "Literacy Learning Material Production in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines "





The World Water Assessment Programme which aims to improve the quality and supply of fresh water globally (more…)





Reinforcing national capacity for the conservation of cultural monuments: Project of assistance to the Royal University of Fine Arts (completed - extended finance is provided through the

Japanese Funds-in-Trust for the Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage)







PACIFIC SMALL ISLANDS : Japan finances the project "Safeguard the Biological and Cultural Diversity of Solomon Islands , Vanuatu and the Republic of Palau ".




The UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Co-sponsored Research Fellowships Programme is also part of this Fund. Keizo Obuchi (1937-2000), former Prime Minister of Japan, attached great importance to capacity building of human resources in the development process. Created in 2001, gives financial help for 4 years to 20 young researchers selected each year for a four-year scolarship, from developing countries, working in the fields of environment, information and communication technologies, intercultural dialogue, and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Info on the 2009 Cycle of the UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Programme




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Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA)




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