Ningyô Johruri Bunraku performance in UNESCO

Osono Manzai End of the Performance
All pictures © UNESCO/Niamh Burke

An exceptional performance of traditional Japanese puppet theatre " Ningyô Johruri Bunraku ", proclaimed " Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity " by UNESCO in 2003, took place at UNESCO's Headquarters on 26 February 2004 on the occasion of the Meeting of UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassadors.


This event was organised by UNESCO, the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Permanent Delegation of Japan to UNESCO, in cooperation with the Japanese Arts Council and the Bunraku Association.


The evening opened with the speeches delivered by Mr Koichiro Matsuura *, Director-General of UNESCO, and His Excellency Mr Teiichi Sato , Permanent Delegate of Japan to UNESCO. The Bunraku performance was divided into three parts: an episode from "The Celebration of the Four Seasons entitled "Manzai", a presentation of the various elements composing the Bunraku Theatre, and an act from "A tragic Love Triangle" entitled "The House of the Sake Merchant".


The Permanent Delegation of Japan to UNESCO is very happy to have been able to contribute to this event and, through this page, wishes to share the magic of Bunraku.


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Documents: The plays, the art of Bunraku...


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